Accessing Projects

Projects can be described as a set of interrelated Issues. An Issue is a basic element of a project and it represents an event or a task. In order to start working on your projects, you may take a look at your current projects and the Issues assigned to you.

View Projects

Click on 'Project' in the sidebar on the left to go to the Project Management module. On the Projects page, all open projects are listed where you are a member user.

  1. Choose Project on the left side menu bar.

  2. In Projects, you can view all open projects you are member of. When your account is created, a private project is automatically created with your user name (e.g. 'John Smith's private project').

    Select a project you are working on (in our example, we are going to select 'Example Project').
    In the top-right section of the Project page, there is another option to select a project which is the project selector. Click on the 'Jump to project' select list, and select your project from the drop-down list. The project selector is also available on every project page across the Project Module.

  3. You are now on the Summary page of your project. The Summary gives an overview about the details of the project, overall progress, completed Issues, overdue Issues.

    Click on the 'Show in storage' button to jump to the project folder on Storage (Document Management module). The Project Management module and the Documentation Management module are linked directly.