Accessing the Project's Issues

You can view and filter all Issues of the project you are working on in the Project Management module.

  1. Click on 'Project' in the sidebar on the left to go to the Project Management module.

  2. On the 'Projects' page, please select your project.

  3. On the project page, select 'Issues' on the right side menu. All Issues are listed and can be filtered.

  4. Issues can be filtered by various attributes, such as Subject, Type, Status etc.

  5. Issues can be ordered in ascending or descending order by various attributes, such as Issue ID, Priority, Status, Subject, etc.

  6. To go to the details page of an Issue you are working on, please select the Issue from the list.

  7. On the details page of the Issue, you can edit it and make updates.


On the Dashboard, you can access all Issues concerning you as the user.

  1. The The 'Issues assigned to me' section is list of all open (all except the ones in 'Closed' Status) issues that are assigned to you. By clicking on the issue in the list, you can get to the Issue details page.

  2. 'Issues created by me' section is a list of all open Issues that are created by you. By clicking on an issue, you can get to the issue details page.

  3. The 'Following Issues' section is a list of all open Issues you follow. Follower users get a mail about the details of the Issue every time the Issue has been updated. To follow an Issue, go to the details page of the Issue and click on the 'Follow' button on the top of the details page. To view the Followers of an Issue, scroll down to the 'People' section of the Issue details page.