Approval workflows

Click on ‘Approval Workflows’ on the top side menu. File Approval Workflows is a feature that allows to users to approve or decline a file on the Storage. Files waiting for approval cannot be deleted, updated or modified by any means. Consequently, file approval workflows cannot be modified while in use.

Create Approval Workflow

  1. To create an Approval Workflow, click on the '+Create Approval Workflow' button.

    Approval workflows
  2. Type in the name of the Approval Workflow and optionally, type in a description. In our example, we are going to name it 'CEO' because we want files to be approved by the CEO. Click Create.

    Create approval workflows

  3. On the next page, click on the '+Add step' button in the top-right corner.

    Approval workflows settings
  4. In the 'Add approval step' window, choose the users from the left side you want to add to the Approval Workflow. In our example, we are going to add the 'John Smith', the CEO of the organization. Click Add.

    Add approval step

    If you added multiple users, you can rearrange their order inside the step. Just click on the user and drag it over the other. Set And/Or approval condition between users.

    For instance, if you add two users in approval workflow with an 'And' condition, the document is going to be approved only if both users approved it. If approval workflow has an 'Or' condition, the document will be approved if either one or another user approves it. Please note, the conditions are very important regarding to the Approval Workflow. Click Update.

    edit approval step

  5. To edit the File Approval Workflow step, click on 'Edit' next to it.
    In the 'Edit approval step' window, you can also create a group of users making decision together.
    Click on '+Add group'.

    Add group approval step

    An empty container with 'Drag items here' description appears on the right side of the window.
    Click on a user, then drag-and-drop into that container.
    Specify the 'And/Or' conditions between the users.

    specify conditions

    Also, you can change the order of the users inside the group.
    You can also remove each member in the step, by clicking on the „X” button.
    When you are done editing the step, click 'Update'.

  6. To delete an Approval Workflow step, click on the down arrow button and click 'Delete'

    approval work steps

  7. To delete an Approval Workflow, please click on the 'Back' button. In the File Approval Workflows list, click on the down arrow button and click on 'Delete'.

    Approval workflows edit steps
  8. Please note, Approval Workflows cannot be updated or deleted when in use. For example, if a document is pending for approval in the Approval Workflow, it cannot be edited or deleted.
    Also, if even one document was approved with through the Approval Workflow it won't be able to delete it.
  9. To change the name and description, click on 'Edit' next to it in the list. When you are done editing, click Update.

    documents sent to

  10. To edit steps on Approval workflow, Click on the down arrow button and click 'Steps'.

    Steps to creation