The Calendar shows all the Issues and upcoming Meetings in one place. The Calendar is also a tool to create Meetings.

To go to the Calendar page, please select 'Calendar' in the sidebar on the left side. The Calendar module consists of the schedule, the project selector and the Issue type filter.


Choosing a date

In the top left corner, the Calendar shows the current date.

  1. To select another date, please click on the top section of the calendar (e.g. 'March 2017'), and select another year and month.

  2. To select another day of the month, please click on any other day in the calendar. The selected day is marked blue and the current day is marked grey.


Select another project

  1. To view all Issues of a specific project in the schedule, please select the project in the drop-down list on the left side.

  2. To display all Issues of all projects in the schedule, please select ’All projects’ in the drop-down list on the left side.


Filter Issue types

Filter out Issue types to find easier what you are looking for.

  1. To view only specific Issue types, please check the relevent checkboxes under 'Issue types' and click on the ‘Filter’ button. For example, we want to view only Bugs, Tasks and To Dos:

  2. To view completed To Dos, please check To Do first under 'Issue Types', then check ‘Show completed To Do-s’ in 'Additional filters' and click on ‘Filter

View Issue details

  1. To view the details of an Issue in the schedule, please click on the Issue.

  2. To go to the details page of the Issue in the Project module, please click on 'Details'.


Show all Issues in project

If the user selects a project in the 'Projects' filter, the Calendar is going to display only those Issues of the selected project that were assigned to the user. The user can view in the Calendar all Issues of the selected project where the user has the Manager Project Role or where the user is the Project Lead user.

The user has to select a project in the 'Project' filter. The 'Show all issues in project' checkbox is only available to the Manager users and Project Lead users of the selected project. By checking the 'Show all issues in project' checkbox all Issues from the selected project are going to be displayed.

This option is unavailable for the user's Private project.