Check Your Profile Settings

The first page you see after logging in to qmsWrapper is the Dashboard. The Dashboard displays documents and Issues concerning your interaction. Furthermore, recent conversations, unread messages, upcoming meetings and To Dos are displayed here. The Dashboard module is available in the upper corner of the sidebar.

Profile settings

  1. Getting started, it is important to check your profile settings. Click on your username in the top-right corner.

  2. 'Status', 'Profile Settings', and 'Logout' is available in the user menu.

  3. Click on 'Profile settings'. In 'User Information', you can upload an avatar to your profile. Click on 'Select an Image' and upload an image from your computer, or select one from the Storage.

  4. In 'Conversation Settings', you can turn off the Notification Sounds. Notification sounds include incoming messages in Conversations.

  5. In 'Preferences' there are three options. You can set the page size which defines the number of displayed items per page. You can set your Time zone. Please note, this option is only available if the Administrator user of your qmsWrapper instance made it available to the users in Administrator Settings to set their time zone. You can also set it if you want that, it should be open in the same window or in a new tab/window.

    preferences user
  6. In 'Security' there are two options. You can change your password and you can set up or reset a Document Approval PIN. Document Approval PIN is used in Documents Approval and QMS Approval.

    The Document Approval PIN is a 4 digit number that is used as a signature for documents that need your approval.
    To set your Document Approval PIN, please enter your current password and a 4 digit number, then click on ‘Set PIN’.


Click on your username in the top-right corner. You can change your Status from ‘Available’ to ‘Busy’, ‘Away’ or ‘Offline’, so other users can see if you are available in the chat. Please note, that if your Status is set to ‘Busy’, the notification sounds are turned off automatically.


The 'Logout' button logs you out from your qmsWrapper account and navigates you to the login page.