Connection to Projects

Storage is a secure and centralized data repository where your private documents and project documents of your company are stored. The Documentation Management module is connected to the Project Management module. When a project has been created, a folder with the same name inside ‘Projects’ is automatically created.

The ‘Projects’ folder contains project folders (i.e. main project folders) the 'forms', 'matrices', and the 'templates' folder.

Storage folders

Main project folders include sub-project folders. When a subproject has been created, a folder with the same name is automatically created inside the parent project folder.

The Storage provides centralized storage for all users in the company. That means that project members can view and access the same content of projects where they are members. Users can work together on projects easier and faster this way.


storage and project management

Main projects contain the 'Design History File' folder if any is created in the Create Project wizard (’create DHF for this project checked).

Storage: Design History File folder


Every project folder contains an ’issues’ folder that is initially empty.




The content of the ’issues’ folder consists of folders for only those Issues that have files attached.


storage issues


When attachments are added to an Issue of a project, a new folder is created inside the ’issues’ folder, with the subject of the Issue as the folder name. The attached files are being stored in this Issue folder.


storage attachment


In each project on Storage, there is a 'Project Plan' folder for project documentation.