How do I start a Conversation?

  • Please go to the Conversation module, select a user from the 'Contacts' tab. Type in your message into the text editor and hit Enter on your keyboard. Click here to learn more about How to use the Conversation module

Why are new contacts appearing in my contact list, when I haven't invited them?

  • Users are added by the Administrator user to qmsWrapper, and all new users show up in the 'Contacts' tab.

Can I make changes to the messages I've sent?

  • You can edit or remove any of your messages sent in the last 60 minutes. To edit your message, right-click on your message in the chat window, and select ‘Edit Message’. The selected message shows up in the text editor. Edit your message and hit Enter on your keyboard. To cancel editing, hit Esc on your keyboard.
  • Simply, click on the text editor field and press the ‘Up arrow key on your keyboard to modify your message, or click on the ‘pen’ icon next to the text input field.
  • To copy your message that was sent in the last 60 minutes, right-click on your message, and select ‘Edit Message’. The selected message appears in the text editor, so just select it with the mouse. Right-click on the selected section of your message and select ‘Copy from the context menu.
  • To remove your message that was sent in the last 60 minutes, right-click on your message, and select ‘Remove Message’. The removed message is now replaced in the chat window with a 'This message has been removed!' status.

How to open more chat at the same time?

  • Please go to the Conversation module. Right-click on a conversation in the panel on the left side and select ‘Open in new window/tab’.

I logged out from my qmsWrapper account and when I logged in again, all my Topics and Conversations are marked as 'unread'. Why?

  • This happens when you change the device, or browser that you use to log in to your qmsWrapper account. If you want to mark all Topics as ‘read’, please right-click on the ‘Topics’ or ‘Recent’ tab and select ‘Mark all as read’.

What does the '#' symbol mean?

  • The pound sign (or hash character) represents Topics. Topics are handy when you need to discuss a specific subject or project, or you need to come back to the conversation on regular basis with certain people. 
    The '#' button in the conversation window is the ‘Add topic’ button. You can create Topics by clicking on this button.
    Alternatively, you can create a Topic by adding a subject to a Conversation. To do that, click on the ’pencil’ button on the top, and type in a subject for the Topic.

Why is there a 'Create To Do' button in Conversations?

  • It is a quick way to create a To-Do during a conversation, without having to switch to the To-Do List module.

Can I associate the topic to the project?

  • You can associate a topic to a project by clicking the  button. In the “Associate with project” window select the project you want to associate with the topic. After you select a project, you can optionally select an issue, if a topic is issue-specific.

What does the  symbol next to the topic's name mean?

  • Topics associated with a project (and optionally to the particular issue) have that symbol next to its name. By clicking on that symbol, you get additional information about the project name and optionally, an issue associated with the topic.

Can I hold meetings with my associates in the qmsWrapper Team Collaboration module?

  • Yes, meetings can be held in the qmsWrapper Team Collaboration module. After a meeting is scheduled and started by the host.
  • A meeting can be created like any other issue from the Project Management module, just click on the “create issue” button and select “Meeting”, set time and date, participants, and subject. Before the meeting starts all participants will get a notification about the Meeting, and time left until the Meeting starts. A meeting will start in Team Collaboration Module (chat) window as a group conversation. In the chat window, a new status appears about the Meeting and a link to the Meetings Issue.

What does the 'Save' button do in Conversations?

  • When you click 'Save', the Meeting is being saved a Meeting Issue is being created. The Meeting Minutes provides information on what was the Conversation about during the Meeting.

What does the 'Add/Remove user' button do?

  • You can add or remove users from the conversation by clicking on this button.

Where are Conversations saved?

  • When saving the Meeting, in Meeting Minutes a summary is provided about the discussion. When a Conversation is saved, a Meeting Issue is created in the project with Closed Status. To view the Conversation, open the Meeting Issue, and click on the ‘Conversation’ button on the Issue details page. Click here to learn more about How to save Conversations.

Where are uploaded attachments located?

  • When the Conversation is associated with an Issue of a project, the attachments are being saved in Storage inside the specific Issue folder inside of the specific project.
    Uploaded attachments to a chat, that is not associated with any project, are saved into the ‘My documents’ folder of the sender user in Storage but the attachments remain hidden for the user.
    Click here to learn more about How to attach documents to Conversations.

What are the different checkboxes for different departments (Routine, DHF, QMS, IP, etc.)?

  • Those checkboxes are so-called ’flags’ in the database, which provide information about the meaning of the Conversation. Depending on which departments are checked in the 'Reports and additional tasks' window, additional QMS Issues will be created when the Conversation is saved. Click here to learn more about How to save Conversations.

In chat, I saved an attached document from a project folder and edited it. Why is the document saved into the 'temp' folder? Why can I not save the document back into the 'project' folder?

  • That is because you probably chose ’Open with’ in your browser, instead of ’Save File’, after you downloaded it. If you choose ‘Open with’ and continue editing a file, the file is going to be downloaded to the ‘temp’ folder of your system. If you want to make any changes to that file, the changes will be saved in the ‘temp’ folder.

When I try to upload a file to the chat, I get the following error: File has a Pending Approval!

  • Documents that are pending approval in a File Approval Workflow, cannot be uploaded to qmsWrapper. Only after the document has been approved or declined, can it be uploaded again (i.e. updated). Click here to learn more about How to send documents for approval.

What is an agenda?

  • It is a topic or subject that needs to be talked about during the Meeting.