Create a Custom Form

  1. To create a Custom Form, please click on the ’Settings’ module in the sidebar and click on ’Forms’ in the menu on the top of the screen.

    Settings Tab

    Note, "Form Editor" is only available to the QMS Manager System Role/Group and to users with Administrator or Project Manager rights.

  2. Click on "+ Create Form" in the top-right corner of the Form page to create a new Form.

    Create Form

  3. In the "Create form" window, type in the name of the new Form, and optionally add a description to it.

    In the ‘Form Type’ drop-down list choose General, Matrix or Custom Issue type.
    General type forms are only used within issues - as an attachment in issue.
    Matrix type forms are used only within Traceability Matrix.
    Custom issue forms are used as an issue.
    You can add tags, too.
    Click on "Create".

    Create Form Window


  4. The next page is the Form Editor itself. It consists of 2 parts: the form editor in the center and the toolbar on the left side.
    General form example:

    Form Editor

    Custom issue form example:

    Custom Issue form has mandatory parts because it is used as a task.

    Matrix form example:

    The Form editor is very easy to work with – just drag and drop the desired component from the toolbar.