Create a Decision

  1. In the project, please click on the '+Create Issue' button.
  2. To create a new Decision Issue, please select 'Decision'.
  3. In the 'Create Decision' window, please fill out the data fields:
    Subject – type in the subject of the Decision.
    Description – provide details about the Decision.
    Assignee – select a group or a user you want to assign to the Decision.
    Priority – select the Priority of the Issue.
    Decision statuses – select Approved/Declined, or Yes/No type as available Statuses.
    Due Date – select due date.
    QMS – check if the Task is QMS related.
    Parent task – select an Issue as a parent task of the Task.
    Dependent on task - select a depend on the issue.
    Attachments – add file attachments to the Task.

    Create Decision issue
  4. Click Create.