Create a To Do

  1. In the project, please click on the '+Create Issue' button.
  2. To create a new To-Do Issue, please select 'To Do'.
  3. In the 'Create To Do' window, please fill out the data fields:
    Subject – type in the To-Do subject.
    Priority – select the Priority of the To-Do. Priorities help to manage urgent tasks.
    Assignee – select a group or a user you want to assign to the To-Do. The Creator of the To-Do is selected as the Assignee by default.
    QMS – check if the To-Do is QMS related.
    Comment – provide details about what should be done.
    Due date – select the due date.
    Parent Task - select an Issue as a parent task of the Task.
    Depend on Task - Select a depend on the issue.
    Comment - Add a comment on the To-Do list.

    Create To-Do issue
  4. Click Create.

    Please take note of the following:
    To Dos created in main or sub-projects do not appear in the To Do List module.
    To Dos created in main or sub-projects can be assigned to other users.
    To Dos created in private projects cannot be assigned to other users.
    Only To Do type Issues can be created in a private project.
    To Dos can be created in the To Do List module and also in the Conversation module.