Create a Feature

  1. In the project, please click on the '+Create Issue' button.
  2. To create a new Feature Issue, please select 'Feature'.
  3. In the 'Create Feature' window, please fill out the data fields:
    Subject – type in the subject of the Feature.
    Description – provide details about the Feature.
    Status – select the Status of the Issue. The Status represents the current status in the lifecycle of the Issue. The lifecycle of the Issue is managed by Workflows (such as 'New' to 'Closed' Status, or 'Reopened' to 'Closed' Status, etc.). The available Workflows depend on project roles, and they are fully customizable in qmsWrapper. Newly created Issues by default are in 'New' status.
    Priority – select the Priority of the Issue. Priorities help managing urgent Tasks.
    Version – select the Version to which you want to relate the new Feature. You can also unselect version by clicking on ‘Select a version’ in the drop-down list. Default Version is always the first open version by version name.
    QMS – check if the Feature is QMS related.
    Assignee – select a group or a user you want to Assign to the Feature.
    Followers – select users you want to get updates for the Feature.
    Start date – select start date.
    Due date – select due date.
    Estimated time – type in the estimated time in hours, that is needed to complete the Feature.
    Done ratio – select how many percent of the Feature is completed already.
    Parent task – select an Issue as the parent task of the Feature.
    Dependent on Task - select a depend on the issue.
    Attachments – add file attachments to the Feature.

    Create features issue
  4. Click Create.