Create Matrix relations

Each item in Matrix has its parent item (which is item in previous column). If there are more than one item in previous column, all be listed and you can choose which one will be parent item.

Only first column doesn’t have parent item. If parent item is deleted, its child items will be deleted as well. If parent item is restored, its child items will be restored also and vice versa.

This is set on this manner so that you can see relation between items which are related to same requirement.

These relations are automatically assigned, but you are able to set connections for items with other issues (although they are not part of Matrix) or other Matrix items.

Setting connections is available for Existing issue item, Created new issue item and for Form item.

For Existing issue item, you can set relations in ‘Edit’ option for item. For Created new issue and Form items, you can set relations while creating items.

Add relations and cross references

Through the "Add issue relation" option you can add relation with other issues from root project or its sub-projects.

  1. Click on the "+Add relation" option. In the "Add issue relation" window select a project from drop down menu (root project and its sub-projects will appear) and type the issue name in the “Please select an issue” field. You must type at least three letters of an issue subject.

    You have option to create new issue from this tab clicking on the "Create new issue".

    Add issue relation

    After you selected a project and an issue, click on "Add". Added issue will appear in Relations section. Click on "Update".

Through the "Add cross reference item" option you can add relation with other Matrix item from same or other Matrix within project or its sub-projects.

  1. Click on the "+Add cross reference item" option. In the "Connect to item or to TM" window select a project, then a Traceability Matrix where is the item you want to connect with, then select Column and Item within that column.

    Add cross reference

  2. After you selected Project, Traceability Matrix, Column and Item, click on "Connect". Added cross reference will appear in Relations section. Click on "Update".

Both can be seen in Attributes part in Relation section.