Create a Meeting

  1. To create a Meeting in the Calendar, please click on a day or hour in the schedule. This is going to be the Start date of the new Meeting.

    create a meeting in Calendar

  2. In the ‘Create a meeting’ window, please select the project you want to work on.

    calendar meeting

  3. Optionally, you can select an Issue, if the Meeting is Issue-specific. Please start typing into the 'Issue' field and select the Issue in the drop-down list. Click Continue.

    calendar meeting

  4. In the 'Create Meeting' window, please select the Host user and the Participants. Check the 'QMS' checkbox to automatically create a QMS Decision for the QMS Manager to approve the QMS Issue.

    calendar meeting


Please set the Start Date and the Due date. Optionally, you can attach documents and add Agenda to the discussion. Click Create.

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