To Do List

The To-Do List is a summary of your open To-Dos. Since To-Dos are noting to yourself, it is good to have a reminder about them. Write up all your tasks on the To-Do List, and never forget any of them.

Create New To Do

  1. You can create a private To Do easily by clicking on 'To Do List' in the sidebar menu. Only To-Dos assigned to the user appears in the To-Do List.
  2. Click on '+Create' on the To-Do List page.

    To Do create New

  3. In the 'Create To Do' window, fill in the data fields. The Subject and Project fields are mandatory. In the Comment field, type in what you want to do. Click Create.

    To do create new 2

    If you chose another project, select the Assignee too, and click on Create.

    To Do 3

  4. The To-Do is displayed in the To-Do List.​ To-Dos that are assigned to any other user, are not displayed in the To-Do List. The 'QMS' checkbox is not available on private To-Dos (To-Dos in private projects).

  5. The new To-Do is also displayed in the 'To Do List' section of the Dashboard page. Just click on the To-Do subject to open it. Private To-Dos are also displayed in Issues of your Private project.

    ToDo on dashboard


    to do project