Documents Approval

'Approval Workflow' is available inside project folders on the users' own files. The approval workflow action is not available on the files of other Owners, on files from private projects, and files from the ‘My Documents’ folder. The approval workflow is a feature that allows specific users to review and approve, or decline a document in the Storage. Files that are waiting for approval cannot be deleted, updated, or modified by any means.

Send a document for approval

In our example, John Doe is going to send ‘Payroll.docx’ to John Smith for approval. According to the defined Approval Workflow (in our example ’To John Smith’), there is only one step. The only step includes John Smith’s decision. File Approval Workflows can be configured by PTOs, Managers of the project, and by administrators.

  1. To send a file for approval, please right-click on the file and select 'Approval Workflow'.

  2. In the 'Attach approval workflow', please select the workflow you want to attach the file to and click 'Attach'. In our example, the name of the workflow is ’To John Smith’.

  3. PTOs and Managers of the project can create a new approval workflow in the 'Attach approval workflow' window by clicking on the ‘Or create a new workflow’ link below the drop-down list.
    Click here to learn How to create an Approval Workflow in Administrator Settings.

  4. The document is now pending. In the 'Approval' column of the Storage, there’s a yellow ’Pending’ symbol next to the document.

    Until a document is pending, it cannot be renamed, deleted, moved to another location, or uploaded again.

Likewise, updating the Approval Workflow while it is in use is also unavailable.

Document approval

  1. The document sent for approval, now appears by the designated user's (who is defined in File Approval Workflow steps) Dashboard in the Documents approval - Waiting for me section.
  2. To preview the document, click on the ’eye’ symbol.
  3. To download the document, click on ’More actions’ and select 'Download'.
  4. To Approve the document, please click on the More actions button and select 'Approve'.

  5. In the 'Additional information' window, please enter your 4 digit Document Approval PIN. Optionally, you can add comments about your decision. Click Approve.

  6. There is also another option to approve or decline a document. Just go to Storage and right-click on the document that is pending. Select 'Approve' or 'Decline' according to your decision. In the 'Additional information window', please enter your 4 digit Document Approval PIN.

  7. When a document has been approved or declined, the 'Pending' symbol changes to ’Approved’ or ‘Declined’, in the 'Approval' column of the Storage.

  8. To view the Approval History of the file, please go to the location folder of the file in the Storage.
    - Right-click on the selected file, choose 'Details', or 
    - Select the file and choose the "Details" tab on the left side.

    To view comment details about the Approval Decision, please click on 'Details'.

  9. Once a file is approved or rejected, it cannot be sent for approval again, therefore the Approval Workflow action is not available on the file. You'll need to change it, and then send it for approval.