Edit To Do

  1. Click on 'Edit' update To Dos.

    to do Edit

  2. In the 'Edit To Do' window, change the data fields and click Update.

    To do Edit window


Close To Do

Once you completed the deed that you saved a To-Do for, it is no longer necessary to have a reminder insight about it. All you need to do is to complete the To-Do.

  1. To complete a To-Do, please go to the To-Do List, or go to the To-Do List section of the Dashboard, and click on the empty checkbox next to the To-Do. The To-Do then disappears from the list.

    To do Check

  2. You can close a To Do also if you click Edit, check ’Closed’, and click on Update.

    To do 15


Search To Do

  1. To search for To Do, please go to the To-Do List module.
  2. In the filter section, there is a search field for the To-Do subject, a filter for projects and priorities, and a checkbox for completed To Do. Click Search.

    ToDo filter

  3. To display completed To Do in the list, check the 'Show completed To Dos' checkbox and click Search. Completed To-Do is checked in the list, and uncomplete To-Do is still unchecked. Just uncheck the closed To Do to reopen them.

    To do reopen

  4. To reset all filters to default, please click on the 'Clear filters' link.