Edit your Custom Form

  1. To edit any custom form: Please click on ‘Settings’ in the sidebar on the left, and click ‘Forms’ in the menu on the top of the Settings page. In the Form list, all forms are listed with titles, the form type, current version number and next version information. Select the Form you want to edit.

    Options with forms

  2. Preview. To preview the Form in the Form Editor, click on the ‘Preview’ button ("eye icon").
  3. Edit. Click on ‘Edit’ button to open the selected form in the Editor.
  4. Edit details. To edit the name or the description click on the down arrow button button next to the Form and click on "Edit Details". In the "Update Form" window, please type in the new name, and the description of the form.
  5. Save As. To save a Form as another form use the "Save As" command.
    With this option, a General type form can be easily transferred to a Matrix form. If you created a form as General and you realized that the same kind of form you need to use in your Traceability Matrix, you don’t need to create the same form again. Just save the form with ‘Save As’ option and select "Matrix" form type.
  6. Download as PDF. Download form.
  7. Details. Version and Approval History.
  8. Send for Approval.

    To send your form for approval, click on the down arrow button button and click on "Send for approval". The "Attach approval workflow" window appears, please choose an approval workflow from the list. After the workflow is selected, please click on the "Attach" button to send it for approval. The Form sent for approval will appear on the dedicated person’s Dashboard in the section of
    "Approvals – Waiting for me".

    During waiting for approval, the sent Form will have a "pending" status mark. Pending button
    Until it is approved, it cannot be changed.

    Until forms are not approved, they are just DRAFT versions and can not be used.
    After the authorized person approved the form it gets the Approved tag Approved button and it is ready for use. 
    If one of the already approved form gets edited, the Next version section will show that information. It will show another version of form (number of versions is incremented) and it will have a ‘DRAFT’ label next to it. Until the edited version is approved, the previous one is used.

    Form with new version

    Please note that the already approved forms doesn’t have the ‘Send for approval’ option unless a new version is created.
  9. Set as Active / Set as Inactive. You can use the form only if the status is "Active" (and Approved).
  10. Delete. To delete a Form, click on down arrow button button and click on "Delete".