Forms and Form Editor

What is a Form?

  • A form is a document with a fixed arrangement of input fields (fields or placeholders), designed for entering, extracting, or communicating the required information.

Can I create forms in qmsWrapper?

  • You can create forms in qmsWrapper using Custom Form Editor, where you can easily create new custom fields in the simplest way possible. Note, Custom Form Editor is only available to Administrator, QMS, and Project Manager.

How can I use custom-made forms?

  • Custom-made forms can be used after they are approved by an authorized user through the appropriate approval workflow. Such forms could be attached to the issues in the Project module. When the assignee starts working on that issue, he/she will be able to add any approved form by clicking on the”+ Add Form Template” button.

Can Filled Forms be downloaded or printed?

  • Filled Forms can be converted to downloadable and printable “PDF”. This option is especially suitable for data collection in a layout that suits you best.