GAP Report

By selecting processes, you are preparing their organization for the next step – The GAP Report.

The GAP Report will show you what is in progress and whether an item is pending, missing or needs further attention. In a single look, you can see what you are missing.  

Please note, you won’t be able to use GAP Report until Quality Manual is finished and approved.

Gap report

Processes are listed per chapters within Quality Manual and their status is stated.

Generated gap

You can Export GAP Report to PDF.    Export GAP Report to PDF

GAP Report is automatically saved within General Administration project.

Storage Gap

When you open the GAP Report, displayed is a report you made the last time. To get a new GAP report, click on the “Generate GAP Report” button.  You can export a report to PDF again.

New report in PDF will be automatically saved within General Administration project as another version.

Each version of the report is downloadable from Storage Details section.

Detailed Storage GA