To identify Hazard n more detail, click on it first, then on the “Edit” button and provide details about the following:


 On the left side is the only preview of Intended Use & Foreseeable Misuse, and Characteristics that could affect safety, to help you describe further steps.

Context of the hazard (Where is likely to happen?)

          5.4 Potential Hazards & Hazardous Situations

          Potential Harm (describe the potential harm that can come from the hazard or hazardous situation)

          Hazard name (Assign the understandable name to this Hazard)

          Hazard category (you can choose from Biological and Chemical hazards, Operational and Information hazards)

          Hazard ID (that will be provided automatically after you choose hazard category)

After you update, you are going for the next step - Risk Evaluation.