How to use Layout Components

Using Layout components gives you the following options to define the layout of your form: Columns, Field Set, Panel, Table and Well.

Layout Components


  1. If you wish to organize your forms in columns, use the "Columns" component and drop it in the Form Editor. The content of your form can be organized in two columns in which you can add any other component to define the content of fields.
    • In "Display" section you can set if you want the element to appear in exported PDF. (checked automatically).
    • "Conditional" field - Mark this box if you want the field to appear depending only if a certain, given condition (content or value) is met in another field.
  2. The "Field Set" component helps you to organize the content of your form by sections in which you can add any other components or even define layout within other Layout Components.
  3. The "Panel" component  – is used to wrap groups of fields with a title and styling. This field can be organized by other Layout components (for example, with Columns Component by columns), also it is enabled to add all other Components within.
  4. The ‘Table component’ creates a table with columns and rows, within you can add all other components as well.
    • In "Display"  you can set the number of rows and columns which your form will contain. By default, the table contains 3 rows and 3 columns, change it according to your needs.

    Additional checkboxes:

    a) Striped – stripes the table if checked.
    b) Bordered – borders the table if checked.
    c) Hover – highlights a row on hover.
    d) Condensed – condenses the size of the table.
    e) Printable – the element appears in exported PDF, marked by default (checked automatically).
  5. The "Well" Component adds field where you can drag and drop any of the form components.

After defining the Layout components, click the ‘Save’ button and the will appear in the form editor part. Please note, it is not obligatory to define values for all sections.