How to use List Components

List components are used to display information in a list form. There are 8 options for List Components: Custom List, User List, Status List, Decision Status List, Priority List, Project List, Version List and Issues List Component.

List Components


  1. To create your own list, please click on "Custom List" component and drop it into your form. The "Custom list component" window appeared.
    • In "Display" section of the window, please fill  listed fields.

      In the Label you should cite the name of field.
      The Placeholder field contains text which will appear if field stays empty (could be used as description of field and it is visible until text is entered).
      The Description part appears below the inputted field (in this part you can write explanation for inputted field).

    Additional checkboxes:

    a) Multiple Values - Allows multiple values to be entered in the field and select values from list.
    b) Clear Value When Hidden - Clears value of field if field is hidden.
    c) Disabled - Check to disable from input.
    d) Printable - The element appears exported PDF, marked by default (checked automatically).
    • In "Data" - set values which will be displayed in drop-down menu
    • In "Validation" part you can set if filling this field should be obligatory or not. By this you can make sure that the form cannot be submitted before filling the given input field.
    • In "Layout" part you can set margins values
    • "Conditional" field. Mark this box if you want the field to appear depending only if a certain, given condition (content or value) is met in another field.

After defining the desirable values for the Custom list component, click the "Save" button and the Custom list field will appear in the form editor part. Please note, it is not obligatory to define values for all sections.

Custom list component

  1. The "User List" component will list users in project where form is applied. Drop the component into the form, the ‘User list Component’ window appeared. 
  2. The "Status List" component is related to the life cycle of Issues and if your form need to contain it, just drag it in the Form Editor.
  3. The "Decision Status List" Component should be inputted if it is needed that form contain information about relevant person decision.
  4. Insert the "Priority List" Component to choose level of importance of some matter.
  5. If the form should contain list of projects, add the "Project List" Component.
  6. Related to the previous component (the ‘Project List Component’), if selected project has versions, you can add a "Version List" Component to your form.
  7. The "Issues List" component is designed to be inputted if form should contain list of issues from the project.

For handling the Subcomponents follow the instructions as given above. (List Components #1)