Importing Excel matrix into Traceability Matrix

Only first sheet in Excel is imported into Traceability Matrix.

User must define starting cell address (example: B2).

A1 is set as default and it represents Traceability Matrix Column title.

If there are cells with data before starting cell address (rows above or in left columns), they will be skipped.

Other cells in same Excel column are requirement or sub requirement Traceability Matrix.



For items that have parent item, item must fit parent item by row size (if parent has multiple children, parent must have merged cells).

It’s not allowed for item to have merged columns (this leads to error).

Children items rows must not exceed parent merged rows

Empty rows are allowed, API will skip them.


Errors occurs when:

• any cell in starting row does not contains data (it’s empty)

• any cell that goes into calculation is merged by columns

• merging rows in parent cell is smaller than total children merging rows

• cell does not have parent in previous column


Flexible API:

• other rows than starting are skipped if they don’t contain any data in columns

• parent cell merged rows can exceed sum of children rows


Use note:

From the starting cell address (except first row), every value in cells are imported (there is no ending cell address).