After creating a risk group, and set up custom parameters for complete Risk assessment, you need to create a new requirement for a specific risk.

Click on the “+Create new requirement”.

The following window will appear.

      You need to fill in the following details:   

a) Identifier

 b) Name

If the requirement is connected with an issue that’s created in a project set  “Issue relation” or if it’s connected with the item defined in Traceability Matrix, set “Matrix relation”.

If supporting data are available related to defined requirements, use the “+Add attachment” option to add it. Files uploaded from your PC will be saved in the Storage.

Then click the "create" button. 

Click on the “Add Initial Hazard” to identify potential hazards related to specific requirements.

The following window will appear.

In the “Create Initial Risk” window, you should provide details about the following:

          5.2 Intended use & Foreseeable Misuse

          5.3 Characteristics that could affect safety

Attachment can be added if needed.

On the right side of the window are questions that open new questions based on the answers, such as:

  • Is the requirements a potential source of hazard? - depending on the Yes/No answer new question will pop up.

Note: There will be several Yes/No questions that will determine if there is a risk that needs further assessment or not.

If not, the Hazard tab (next step) will be empty and there are no further steps. 

If yes, your risk will be shown in Hazard Tab.

For the next stage, click on the "Hazard" tab.