Manage Qms Tags

The "Manage Qms Tags" option is visible just to QMS managers

Manage Qms Tags


Create New Qms Tag

To create a new Qms Tag, click on the button "Create New Qms Tag" - at the top right.

Create new Qms tag

The popup window "Create Qms Tag" will open. Fill up required fields: Name and Description. Click the "Create" button to finish creating.

Create new Qms Tag - QMS Manager

Created Qms tag will be shown on the list:

Qms Tags - Created QMS tag

Only active tags are presented on the list. The maximum number of active Qms Tags is 9.

Inactive Qms Tags can be listed, but cannot tag new items with them.

Deleted Qms Tags are not listed and cannot be used anymore.

If you want to list all tags (active and inactive), click on the checkbox: "Show inactive QMS Tags".

Show inactive Qms Tags

Inactive Qms Tags


Manage Qms Tags

Click on three dots and 3 options will be shown: Edit, Set as Inactive, and Delete.

Manage Qms tags

By clicking the "Edit" button, you can change the Name and Description of that Tag.

By clicking the "Sat as Inactive" button, you will change that tag to be Inactive.

By clicking the "Delete" button, that tag will be permanently Deleted. Deleted Qms tag won't be listed and cannot be used anymore. All issues and documents that had that tag will lose the deleted tag.