Move to QMS and QMS Vault

The 'QMS' folder includes every file that is QMS-related. No document can be deleted from the 'QMS' folder. If a QMS-related Issue contains a document, it will be automatically added to the 'QMS' folder. Those QMS-related Issues include Process sub-tasks and Issues with the QMS checkbox checked (QMS Issues). If a document needs to be placed into the 'QMS' folder, and it is not part of a QMS-related Issue, it can be added to the 'QMS' folder manually by the 'Move to Qms' action. This action is only available to the QMS Manager.

  1. You can move project files to the QMS folder by right-clicking on the file and select 'Move to Qms'.

    storage move to QMS

  2. Enter your four-digit Document Approval PIN and click on 'Move to Qms'.

    storage move to qms PIN

    The file will get a "QMS" icon:

    storage file Moved to QMS

  3. To view the file in the QMS folder, click on 'Qms' on the left side, then select the project folder. The file should be inside the project folder.

    moved file

    4. From the 'Qms folder', you can move the files to the 'Qms Vault'.

Move to QMS Vault

Documents stored in the Vault are version-controlled. Let's explain this in the following example.

Version 1 of 'Example_QMS_Vault.docx' is moved to the QMS folder and it is sent by the QMS Manager to the QMS Vault.

storage move to Vault

Approve with your four-digit Document Approval PIN:


Check Qms Vault on the sidebar: 

storage file moved to QMS Vault


Later, 'Example_QMS_Vault.docx' needs to be updated so the Unit Manager downloads it, edits it, and uploads it back to Storage. The file is updated to Version 2.



The QMS Manager downloads it and after reviewing it, he uploads the document to Storage. 'Example_QMS_Vault' is updated to Version 3.

storage_version 3

Version 3 is then moved to the QMS Folder and from there the QMS Vault.



Right-click on the file, and select 'Details'. In the 'File Details' window, the versions of the files that are moved to Qms are marked with a 'key' symbol.

storage_move to qms


Go to the QMS folder. To move the file to the Vault, please go to the project folder, right-click on the file and select 'Move to Vault'.

storage qms vault


Right-click on the file, and select 'Details'. In the QMS Vault folder, only the stored versions of the file are available.

storage file details QMS vault


In Vault, only Version 3 will be available.
Right-click on the file and select 'Details'. Only Version 3 and Version 1 will be listed.

The files are 'read-only' to all users except the QMS Manager user.

The QMS Manager is the only user that can add documents to the Vault. For this, PIN approval is needed. Documents stored in QMS Vault can never be deleted automatically or manually.