My Team

'Manager' users of the project have access to 'My Team', the People Management feature of qmsWrapper. The Manager user is able to follow the progress of each user.

If a member of the project team is overwhelmed with tasks, the Manager can reassign the tasks. However, if a team member is ready for new tasks, the Manager can assign tasks to that member.


The 'Summary' shows the success of all team members, measured by the percentage of completed Issues and total Issues assigned to the team member.



'Issues' includes a list of all Issues that are assigned to the team members. The Manager can select each team member, and list out all Issues assigned to them.
The list includes also Issues that are associated to other projects but are assigned to the project team members. The Issues in the list can be sorted and filtered. 
The Manager can also create new Issues and assign them to the team members. 
In some cases, our team member is also a member of a different project, one the Manager user is not member of. The Manager can still view the Issues associated to another project. Only basic details about these Issues are displayed to the Manager, such as Subject, Creator, Assignee, Date and Project name.
In the case of Issues associated to projects that the Manager is member of, all details are displayed to the Manager.



The 'Gantt' helps the Manager to follow the selected member’s progress using a classical Gantt chart. The Issues assigned to the selected team member are displayed in a time schedule. The scope of the displayed time period can be changed. You can filter out the displayed Issues using the filters. Click on the Issue in the chart to view the Details of the Issue.



The 'Roadmap' is a list of all team members displaying their progress in percentages. The overall progress of the team is displayed in percentages, calculated as an average of all completed Issues and all total Issues.



In the 'Members' section, the Manager user can add or remove team members, edit project roles, and view user information.