Open with Desktop Application

The Wrapper File App was developed to make file/document editing easier and safer.


Installation instruction

You must install the application first. You will get the installation instructions in the zip file that you need to download from qmsWrapper.


System requirements

You need to have Java installed on your computer. Java can be obtained on the website.


Install qmsWrapper File App

Click on your profile on the right side of the screen.

Click on the button “Download Wrapper File App”.

wrapper app install

When you download the zip file, you will receive the installation file and installation instructions that you need to follow.


Starting application

Simple Wrapper File App cannot be started manually. Application is started when user clicks on “Open With Desktop App”:

wrapper App open file

First Use

When the application is started for the first time, the user needs to enter qmsWrapper credentials in order to use the application. The Login window will appear:

first use Wrapper app

When the user enters username (email) and password, the application will continue. If invalid credentials are entered warning dialog will appear:

First use Wrapper app_1

Click OK:

wrapper App first use-2

When the user clicks “Ok”, the user login dialog will be presented again, and on “Cancel”, the application will exit.

If the user chooses to exit the application, on the next invocation of the Wrapper File App, the user dialog will be presented again.

On successful login, Wrapper File App will open the selected document with the system default application, and the application icon will appear in the systray.

Systray Icon menu:

systray icon Wrapper App

  • Upload: Upload current file
  • Copy Document: Choose a directory to copy a file to


  • Auto Upload: Choose AutoUpload options 

    Auto Upload means that each "Save" document is a new Revision file.

  • Info:  Show message dialog with the file name (Can also be invoked by double click on systray icon)
  • Exit: exits program without uploading the current file

Wrapper File Application usage

Open the selected file using the Wrapper File application by clicking on the three dots and selecting the "Open with Desktop Application" option.

Wrapper app open

A pop-up window will appear where you will select the "Open wrapper" button.

Wrapper app open_12

The document will open for you and you can edit it.

While you are editing the desired document, other users will be shown that the document is locked and cannot edit it, they are only allowed "Read-only".

Icon showing that the document is being edited and locked for other users:

Wrapper app_2

When other users try to open a document that is locked using the application:

Locked document

Locked 2

When the user finishes editing the document, it is only necessary to save it (click on the "Save" button) and exit the document.

You will be notified that the document has been modified:

save doc

A popup window will appear where you will enter a revision comment.

comment_wrapper app

Save the comment by clicking the "Ok" button.


The document is now available for editing (no longer locked).

The Revision shows No 3.

Wrapper App_3

The comment is saved in Details/Revision:

details saved Wrapper App