Preview item Attributes

For each item added to Traceability Matrix, you can preview information in the Attributes section on the right side of the screen. To preview Attributes for a certain item, it needs to be marked within Traceability Matrix by simply clicking on it.


Attributes section has two parts:

  1. Details - You can see Item details such as Structural ID, Parent Item, Subject, Type, Creator, Created date, Modified by, Updated and Project).

    Please note, for the Risk item you can preview the next details: Structural ID, Parent item, Subject, Type, and Project.
  2. Relations - You can see information if the item is related to other issues or items (if Issue relation or Cross-reference is added).

If the “Issue” type item contains an attachment pending approval, it will have the following section as well:

      1. Attachment pending approvals – with the link to the file location under the Storage, from where all other file information can be previewed


Attributes section for Form items contains following besides stated above:

  1. Revisions - Every Form revision is stored here. Every change made to form by the user is saved as Revision and every revision is placed within the Matrix.

    Revisions can be previewed and exported.

    Form attributes - Revision section

    a) Preview Form item
    b) Export Form item - Form and added attachments within it can be downloaded.

    Files attached within the Form item are stored in the Storage.
    Forms are stored within the Matrix. If you want to store them in the Storage, export the Form item from Matrix and upload it manually.

  2. Approval history - Since forms can be sent for approval, in this section will be displayed which revision is approved and by who.

    If the Form is pending approval, this section will display which revision is sent for approval by who and to whom.

    Form attributes - Approval history