Projects are a set of correlative tasks in your organization which allows users to track their work progress. Administrator and Project Manager users can create, edit or delete all projects.

  1. Click on 'Settings' in the left side menu. Choose ‘Projects’ in the menu on the top of the page.
  2. You can see a list of all projects in your organiaztion, with the project identifier and the project name displayed. To view the sub-projects of a project, click on the button next to it. To hide subprojects, click on
  3. To search for projects, type in the project name into the search field.
    You can view closed projects and view private projects by ticking the checkboxes next to the search field. Closed projects are marked with a lock symbol and private projects are marked with a key symbol.

  4. To Edit a project, click 'Edit'.
    In the ‘Edit project’ window, type in the name.
    Select the Status of the project. By selecting 'Closed', you will close the project.
    Type in the description of the project.
    Click Update.
  5. To go to the Project settings page of your project click on the button next to the project and choose ‘Project Settings'.
  6. To create a project, click '+Create Project' in the top-right corner.
    In the ‘Create project’ window, type in the name of the new project. Max. 80 characters are allowed, only numbers, letters, spaces, dashes and underscores. Project names should be unique on company level. Type in an Identifier. Max. 10 characters, only letters and numbers. The project identifier should be unique also.
    If the new project is going to be a sub-project, please select either a project or sub-project as the parent project.
    To create a DHF (Design History File) for this project, tick the check box.
    Optionally, add a description to your new project.
    Click Create.