QMS Issues

The QMS checkbox is the simplest and easiest way to trigger a QMS Issue. QMS Issues appear in the QMS module as an event that needs QMS attention. They require approval or acknowledgment that the task is at a certain point, that might require some actions on the part of the QMS Manager or designated person.

From the QMS Manager side, QMS Issues appear in the project they originated from. All projects created in the Project Management module have a ‘mirror’ project in the QMS module, where all QMS Issues for that project are tracked, recorded and actioned. It does not include all the regular project tasks and events.


  1. To create a QMS Issue, please go to the Project Management module and select the project you want to work in (in our example: 'Example Project').
  2. Click on ‘+Create Issue’.
  3. Select the Issue type. In our example, we are going to create a Task type Issue named 'QMS Task', that is assigned to the 'Maintenance staff' group.

  4. In the 'Create Task' window, fill out the data fields and check the QMS checkbox. Click on Create.

    When the QMS Issue is created, it appears in the QMS module to be tracked by the QMS Manager.
    A QMS Decision is created for the QMS Issue, and it needs to be approved by the QMS Manager (in our example by Mary Major). The QMS Manager is assigned to the QMS Decision and she can approve or decline it. If she decides to decline it, she could start a Process instead to get the work done better.
    To view the QMS Issue, please click on 'QMS' in the sidebar. The little grey boxes next to projects show the number of QMS Decisions waiting for your approval.

    Select your project, and click on ‘QMS Issues’ in the left side menu. Look for the new QMS Decision and click on it.

  5. On the details page of the QMS Decision, the QMS Manager can approve or decline it.

  6. If the QMS Issue has been approved, 'QMS Task' shows up in ‘QMS Issues’ in the QMS module, and also in ‘Issues’ in the Project module.

  7. If the QMS Issue has been declined, the declined QMS Decision shows up in 'QMS Issues'. 'QMS Task' would not be created and it does not show up in ‘QMS Issues’ neither in ‘Issues’ inside the Project module.

    The QMS Issues list includes all created QMS Issues. The list can be sorted and filtered by multiple criteria.
    To display all QMS Issues, including process-related and non-process-related, check the ‘Add QMS Process to the list of Issues’ checkbox.