Qms Tags

Qms Tags option is visible to all users. This page is intended for filtering Issues and Documents with a specific Qms tag.

Qms Tags in QMS module

At the top of the page are the search fields: Qms Tags, Type, and Project. When you choose your filters, click the "Filter" button, and the list will be presented below the Search fields.

QMS Tag - Issue

We choose Type: Issue, and QMS Tag: Audit 2021.

Select one issue and click Details on the left side of the page.

QMS tags Details Issue

Two more options will appear: Issue Details and Project Details:

Issue Details and Project Details

















Project Details refers to the details of the project where that issue is located.

If we choose Type: Document, you will get the list with the required filter.

Document type- Qms Tags

The result will display all documents with the corresponding Qms tag. In addition to the basic information (on the right side of the list), it will also show the name of the Issue in which the document is located.

If there is no Issue name, it means that the document is not in any issue.

When you select one document and click Details (Next to the Navigation bar), 3 types of Details will be presented below.

Details QMS tags

Details, Issue Details, Project Details

There will be presented: Details of the document, Details of the Issue where is located that document, and Project Details where that document is located. 


Export documentation/issues with Qms Tags

A list of documentation or issues with certain tags can be reported by clicking the "Export" button at the top right.

Qms Tag Export











The export file is .xlsx.

Exported QMS tag list


To go back to the Navigation panel, click on the "Navigation" tab.

Navigation QMS module