Revision Control

Here’s how revision control works. When multiple users download a file, and one user uploads back an edited version first, the other users who want to upload it back will get a notification about the file version conflict. The other users will need to download the file first (the new version of the file), copy their changes into the new version, and then upload it back. This solution is meant to make sure that all changes are preserved all time by all users.

For example:

  1. John Smith and John Doe download ’Project document’. The file Revision number is 1.

    John Doe downloading the document.

  2. Both users start to edit the files by themselves.
  3. John Smith saves the file, and he is the first to upload it back to the same place on the Storage with the same file name.

    Optionally, provide details about the changes you made on the updated document.

    These details are visible if you right-click on the file, select 'Manage Versions', and click on ‘Details’.

    When the new version of the file has been uploaded, the Revision number of the file is incremented to 2.

  4. John Doe finishes his edits, let's say, some 5 minutes later, and he's trying to upload his file.

  5. John Doe gets a file version conflict notification. It tells John Doe, that the file was updated since he downloaded it. The revision number is already 2 and he’s got to have the new version of the file first.

    Also, the 'Uploads' section displays an error.

  6. John Doe should first download the new version of the file (i.e. the new version of the file), add his changes to the new version of the file, then upload it.

    After editing the document, he just saves the document. Click 'Save'.
    Please note, if you click 'Save As', you will not update the document, but create another instance of the document instead. We want to update the document.

    John Doe is now trying to upload his version of the document.

    Optionally, fill in the details of the update.

  7. When John Doe uploaded his version successfully, the Revision of the file is incremented to 3.

  8. John Smith can see that the Revision number is now 3, so he has to download the new version of the file. He should download the file to be able to upload a new version later.