Risk Control

Clicking on the “Edit” button, the following window will appear:


The following risk control data can be inserted:

  a) Risk Control Option

  b) Risk Control Measure

  c) Control Measure

In the same window, the task to perform Risk verification can be created and assigned to a user.

When the Verification task is created, a new Issue appears in the project's 'Issues' list, and all verification findings and data can be added under this issue.

Please note, until the Verification task is finished, the “Test Status” field will have the “Pending” status. As it is finished, the status changes to “Complete”.

Also, in the “Edit Control” window, the user can perform Residual Risk Estimation and calculate risk score and acceptance based on the likelihood and severity after the implemented control measures.

The not acceptable residual risks continue to the Benefit-Risk analysis.