Risk Evaluation

After Hazards have been overviewed, the 'Risk Evaluation Table' is up next. A new window will pop up by clicking on the Risk Evaluation tab first, then the Edit button (Pencil).

5.4 Potential Hazard & Hazardous Situations, also Potential Harm are displayed as well in this part for easier placing relevant data and choosing one from options, such as Failure Mode, Risk Estimation, and in case Risk is not Acceptable, Risk Control task filed will open up for filling up certain information that will, later on, lead to the next step.


In the 5.5 Risk Estimation part, Severity and Likelihood levels need to be selected accordingly, then the Score and the Risk Level are calculated automatically.

Risk Control table will be available depending on if Risk is deemed acceptable or not acceptable.

While creating the mitigation task provide the following details:   

          a) Priority

          b) Assignee

          c) Due date

          d) Description

After the update, Risk Mitigation is created, a new Issue appears in the 'Issues' list of the project.

To mitigate risk, go to the next tab - Risk Control, and as it states under a column Risk Control Analysis is pending, and needs to be resolved.

To resolve, click on the Eye Icon.

This step will guide you to resolve that task related to its Project in the Project Module.


Note: One of the ways to get to the issue list and mitigate the risk, is by going again to edit "Pencil" option, and this time Eye Icon will be shown. By pressing the Eye Icon, it will take you directly to the Issue page where it is located. 

By clicking on the "Edit" button, the following fields need to be filled up.

After this is filled, go back