Search Processes

If you want to Search and Create a Report from Processes, select the "Processes" tab in the "Search and Report" Module.

search processes

User can search by following criteria:

  • Subject – User can type the entire subject of a process or word included in the subject of a process.
  • Project – User can enter the whole name or partial name of the project or can choose from the drop-down list. User can select multiple projects from which want to do the search.
  • Process – User can select a process from the drop-down list. User can select multiple processes by which want to do the search. You can select only Approved and Active Processes.
  • Status – The user can select process status from the drop-down list. User can select multiple processes statutes by which want to do the search.
  • Author – User can choose the creator of process from the drop-down list. There could be selected multiple creators of a process. User can select multiple Authors.
  • Date started - User can select date process is created.
  • Date finished - The user can select the date process is finished.
  • QMS – User can choose whether the issues are QMS related. If it’s checked then the user can select between Yes and No.


Next to the "Clear filters" button, you can select "Search" and "Save search as report".

1. Click on the "Search" button

When you have selected the appropriate filters, click the Search button.

search processes


You will get a report:

search process report


All columns of filtered processes are shown, and they are Project, Status, Subject, Creator, Start Date, End Date.

If you want to see only certain columns, click on the "gear" icon on the left and leave checked only those columns (Creator, Start Date, and End Date are available options to turn off) that you want to be shown.

search process preview column


If you want to export a report, you can first select the columns you want to export. Above the column name are checkboxes.

search process columns for export


Leave checked only those columns that you want to export and click on the "Export to Exel" button on the right.

search_export to exel process button


A popup window will appear asking you to open excel or save.

search process export list


2. Click on the "Save search as report" button

When you choose your filters, you can also click to save your report "Save search as report".

search and report PROCESS


A popup window "Save Search as Report" will appear asking you to enter the Report Name and Description. When you have filled in the fields, click the "Save Search as Report" button.

save search as report


You can find all the lists you have saved by clicking on the "List of reports" button.

saved search list - processes


The list will be displayed in a popup window that will appear by clicking the "List of reports" button.

search list popup window -processes


If you want to load a list, first select the desired list and then click the "Load" button.


You can change the List Name and Description by clicking the "Edit" button.


If you want to delete the list, click on the arrow that will open the dropdown where you can choose the "Delete" button.

search Process


3. Click on the "Clear filters" button


To start a new search, click on the "Filters". 

clear filter


The filter form will open. Click on the "Clear filters" button and the filters you previously selected will be deleted.

search Clear filter - PROCESS