Selecting Projects

  1. To go to your projects, please select the Projects tab on the left side menu.
    In the example below, we can see that our user John Smith already has two projects. As every user in qmsWrapper, John Smith has his own private project and he is a member of the so called 'General Administration' project. A description of the project is also visible under the project title.
    To view the sub-projects of a project, click on the button. All sub-projects will be visible to the user where the user is member.
    John Smith's second project is in fact his private project. Private projects by default, always have the name of the user in their title.
  2. To select your project, please select it from the list. You can also quickly jump between projects with the 'Jump to project' drop-down list. Just click on 'Jump to project' in the top-right corner, and select your project. It is available later throughout the Project management module.
    When a project is selected, the project details page is displayed.