How to upload files to Storage?

  • To upload files to the Storage, please go to the Storage module, select your folder where you want to upload your files, and click on the ‘Upload files’ button in the top-right corner of the page. Click here to learn more about How to upload files to the Storage.

How is free Storage space calculated?

  • Files and file revisions, and files in Trash, all require space on Storage. For instance, if there are files in Trash, they still require some space on Storage. If there is a file, which is 10MB, but has 10 revisions, it's using up 100MB of Storage space. Click here to learn more about How to set up Storage management settings, including Trash settings and Revision control settings.

Why am I unable to upload files to the 'Projects' folder?

  • The 'Projects' folder contains only Project folders that are being created by the system. Project folders are created automatically when a project is created. The 'Projects' folder looks like a mirror of the Project module. You can only upload files into the project folder inside of the 'Projects' folder.

Why am I unable to update my file?

  • You might get the ’File has a Pending Approval!’ error message while trying to update a file, because the file is waiting for approval from another user who is in charge to approve the document.
    Click here to learn more about How to manage Documents Approval.
  • Also, you might get the ‘File Version Conflict’ error message, because a newer version of the file has already been uploaded by another user. In this case, download the new version of the file, then try to re-upload it again.
    Click here to learn more about How Revision Control works.

What are Approval Workflows?

  • The Approval Workflow feature allows specific users to review and approve, or decline files in the Storage. Files that are waiting for approval cannot be deleted, updated, or modified by any means. Also, Approval Workflow cannot be edited while in use.
    Click here to learn more about How Approval Workflows work.

Can pending documents be deleted or changed?

  • No, when a file is pending approval, it cannot be changed or deleted. Documents can be changed (updated for a new version) or deleted after the approval (approved/declined).

How does revision control work?

  • When multiple users download a file, and one user uploads back an edited version first, the other users who want to upload it back will get a notification about the file version conflict. The other users will need to download the file again (the new version of the file), copy their changes into the new one, and then upload it back. This great solution to ensure that all changes are preserved all the time by all users.
    Click here to learn more about How Revision Control works.

How to download and re-upload project files using my browser?

  • When working on a project in your browser, you can download the necessary documents to your computer. Please go to Storage, then go to your project folder (for example ‘Marketing project’). Right-click on your file and select ‘Download’. When the file was downloaded, open the document and edit it. After you are done making changes, save the file. In your browser, please go to Storage, and go to the project folder again. Click the ‘File Upload’ button in the top right corner. In the next window, search for your file, select it and click ‘Open’. Please wait until your file is uploaded. When the upload is done, the file should be displayed in your project folder.

Can a project file be deleted from Storage?

Why can I not see deleted files in Trash?

  • If you delete a file from ‘My Documents’, that file is visible in Trash only for you.
  • If you delete a file from ‘Projects’, the file is visible in Trash only for the Project Lead of the project.

What does the 'Storage quota exceed!' error means?

  • It means that you exceeded your storage limit. You can free up storage space on or upgrade your storage plan in our Marketplace.

What are file revision and file versions?

  • The file revision is a new updated file, it can be tracked in the ‘Details’ section on the left side. Every file can have as many revisions as the users want.
  • After all, changes are made and the file is approved, it becomes the approved version of that file.
  • File versions can be changed. It goes through the same process as the previous version, as many times as you want. Until the next version of the file is approved, the approved one should be used.