Click on 'System' on the top side menu.


The first item in the left side menu, 'Company information' is automatically selected.

  1. Organization Name: Here, you can change the name of your company.
  2. The email cannot be changed once the account has been created.
  3. Click on 'Select an image' button to upload an image as the company logo. You can select an image from the Storage or upload one from your computer. To restore the default logo click on the 'Restore default logo' link.
  4. Click on 'Save company information' to save the changes.

Click on 'Regional settings and Time zone' in the left side menu.

  1. Default Country: Select the country of your company.
  2. First day of week: Select the first day of the week to be used in calendar and date pickers.
  3. Default time zone: Select the default time zone of your company.
  4. You can set with a checkbox if users may set their own time zone.
  5. To save the changes, click on 'Save settings'. To restore the default settings, click on 'Restore defaults'. If you saved your settings, a message shows up in the top-right corner.

Click on 'Date and time' in the left side menu.

  1. Time format: Choose a (12 hour or 24 hour) time format.
  2. Date format: Choose a date format.
  3. Click on 'Save settings'. To restore the default date and format settings, click on 'Restore defaults'.

Click on 'Authentication settings' in the left side menu. Set the authentication method of the users in the company.

  1. To add users manually, please select 'Local'.
  2. To add users using LDAP authentication (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), please select 'LDAP'. In the 'LDAP Settings', please provide the settings for the LDAP server of your company. In the 'LDAP Authentication Settings', please provide the credentials for the authentication to the LDAP server of your company. 
  3. You can also test your connection to your LDAP server by clicking on 'Test connection'. This is checking for any error in the connection to the LDAP server. If any error appears, please check if all the fields are filled out correctly.
  4. Click on 'Save settings'. To restore the default date and format settings, click on 'Restore defaults'.

Click on 'System info' in the left side menu. This section provides information about the qmsWrapper instance you 

  • The 'Free Trial' section indicates if your qmsWrapper was registered as the Free Basic Package.
  • 'Start Date' shows the date you subscribed your package, and the 'Exprie Date' shows the date until your subscription is valid.
  • 'Number of users' shows the number of users added, including inactive users. Inactive users are the ones, deactivated by the Administrator user. Please note, it is not available to delete a user once added. You have the option to deactivate a user, or activate it again. To add more users for the needs of your organization, you can subscribe to a Package that suits better the needs of your organization.
  • The 'Storage' section shows the used and available Storage space. To add more Storage space for the needs of your organization, you can subscribe any time to a Package with more available users or to Upgrade Storage on our Store.

Click on 'Wizard' in the left side menu.

  1. You are navigated to the Setup Wizard. The Setup Wizard is completed after the first login by the Adminstrator who subscribed the company to qmsWrapper.
  2. You can make default settings on company level, such as General information about the company, Server settings, Users and System Roles/Groups.
  3. The Setup Wizard includes 5 steps that has to be completed. Learn more How to complete the Setup Wizard.