To the regular user, the 'Trash' folder will contain only files that were deleted from the 'My Documents' folder, or from the user's private project.

Files deleted from the 'Projects' folder are accessible to the Project Lead user. It is the only user to be contacted to restore a mistakenly deleted project file.

Files can be permanently deleted from the 'Trash' or restored

Automatic trash clean-up is regulated for every project by the Project Lead user or the Administrator.

Restore a file from Trash

  1. To restore a file from the 'Trash', please right-click on the selected files, and click 'Restore'.


  2. The file is now restored to its original location in the Storage, from where it was moved to the 'Trash' previously.

    storage qmsWrapper


Delete a file from Trash

  1. To delete files from 'Trash', please right-click on the selected file, and click 'Delete'. The file is permanently deleted this way.


  2. To empty the 'Trash', please click on the 'Empty trash' button in the top-right section of the page. The whole content of the 'Trash' folder is now cleared.

    storage trash empty