View Details of a File

There are two ways to see the details of a file:
Method 1 to view file details:

  1. Click on the file and click on the "Details" section on the left.

  2. The ‘Details’ section shows information about folders such as:
    Type – the file type.
    Size – the file size.
    Location – the path to the file in the system.
    Owner – the user who originally uploaded or created the file.
    Modified – the date and time of the last change on the file.
    Created – the date and time when the file was created.
    Revision – the number of versions of the file.

    File details

    If you've had multiple revisions, you'll see the Comment you wrote when you uploaded the last revision:

    storage- comment last revision

  3. In the ‘Revisions’ part, all versions of the specific file are displayed. The Revision number, file name, and modified date are displayed. Also, you can view the File revision details if any exist by clicking on 'Details'. File revision details are comments to describe the specific file revision that is added when the file has been uploaded to Storage.

    storage file details Revision comment

  4. To view the approval history of the file, please click on the Approval history - "Details". This section provides details about which user has approved the document.

    File details with approval

Method 2 to view file details:

  1. Right-click on the file and choose "Details"

    details of the file


  2. The 'File Details' window will open.

    storage - file details in qmsWrapper