Work in qmsWrapper and Jira

As the connection is set, Jira projects will be visible under the qmsWrapperas well.

Jira integration

The Jira projects have their logo in front of the name and they are painted blue.

To preview the details about any Jira project, select it.

All tasks that are created under the selected project (in this case, we used “Demo project”) will be listed. The user can preview the status of every task and the data about Author and Assignee.

Selecting the specific task, the Jira account will open, where all details about the selected task can be previewed.

A project in qmsWrapper can be mapped as Jira-related. It means it can be run at both instances-in qmsWrapper and Jira.

It can be done under the “Settings” after the project is created.

qmsWrapper projects that are Jira mapped have the Jira sign next to its name and the name of the Jira project (with which the connection is set) is stated as well.

The user can run this project completely from qmsWrapper. You can learn how here.

The user will have an overview of the connected Jiras project under the Jira issues section.