Working with Issues

Every Issue has a lifecycle which spans from being created to being closed. The lifecycle is indicated by the Status of the Issue. By changing the Status of the Issue, the user is managing the lifecycle of the Issue.
In this section, we will explain how to work on Issues.

  1. Click on 'Project' in the sidebar on the left to go to the Project Management module.
  2. On the 'Projects' page, please select your project.
  3. On the project page, select 'Issues' on the right side menu. Open the Issue you want to work on.
  4. Click on 'Edit' on the top of the Issue details page.
  5. Change the Status of the Issue to 'In Progress' and click Update. The Issue Status has been updated. 'In Progress' indicates, that the Assignee has started working on the Issue.

  6. When the work is done the Status can be updated to 'Resolved' and assigned to the user who is supervising the Issue.

  7. The user supervising the resolved Issue can either return the Issue to the previous user, or close it when the work was completed on the Issue.
    In the first case, the supervising user is changing the Status to 'Reopened' and assigns it to the previous user.
    In the second case, the supervising user is closing the Issue by changing the Status to 'Closed'.
  8. Every change you make on an Issue, it will be displayed on the details page of the Issue, in the 'Activity' section.