Working on a Private Project

When a new user is added to your company, the system automatically creates a private project for the new user with the name of the user in the project title (in our example: John Smith’s private project). The purpose of a private project is to make it available to the user to create private To Dos and Sub-projects, to organize his/her work in the Calendar or in the Gantt. Private To Dos are visible in the To Do List, and on the Dashboard. They are like notes to yourself. The private project can only be accessed by the user.



The Project name and the project identifier need to be unique on company level. Please note, that the 'PXXXXXXXXX' (X - numbers only) identifier format is reserved for private projects. For example, it's not available to create a main project with the following identifier: P00001. But it's available to create a project with the following identifier format: PP0001.

Please note, if the user has changed his/her user name in the profile settings, the name of the private project will not be changed.